BASTET® specialises in pregnancy and delivery support in Europe. We are currently working with two private hospitals in Lisbon (Portugal) – Hospital da Luz and Hospital CUF Descobertas, which are justifiably top ranked private hospitals in the European Union. Our distinguishing feature is that we provide our services very responsibly. During your stay in Portugal you will be accompanied by a member of our staff. Also, beside your doctor in charge at the hospital in Lisbon, you can always consult with an experienced Russian-speaking obstetrician-gynaecologist. You can get any advice regarding the delivery in Lisbon from our specialists at any time, regardless from whether you are in Russia or in Portugal already. We will consult you before the delivery and after it, until you reach home.


We will also help you to arrange your flight and accommodation, hotel or apartment/house, which is at your discretion. Our service is ‘all inclusive’, we do not want you to be bothered by anything at such a wonderful time. Our service fee includes:

  • Medical services

+ all consultations and supervisions before the delivery (including blood and urine tests, US investigation, Doppler, CTG)

+ the delivery (including anaesthesia if needed and all necessary medical supplies);

+ post-delivery supervision;

+ paediatric supervision for your baby;

+ tour of maternity services at the hospital;

+ all organisational issues connected with your visits to doctors.

  • Additional services

+ meeting at the airport and transfers to and from the airport;

+ all transfers to and from the hospital;

+ interpreting service during your stay at the hospital;

+ assistance in hiring domestic personnel;

+ assistance in renting a car;

+ preparation of all documents after the delivery.